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Nobooko is an online community for like-minded Kobo and Nook owners and a place to discuss and share hints and tips about the eReaders as well as discuss reading, eBooks and writing. As well as the community forum we also have a very useful resource for discovering and downloading eBooks which have been released for free including bestselling titles and new releases. Everyone is welcome to join the community, so please do sign up for a free account and start sharing the Kobo and Nook love.

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Death Squad

10 October 2014 20:45 (GMT)

Camilla D’Allessi – Beautiful former model with a fierce temper.
Henry Cooper-Black – Failing tycoon desperate to save his empire.
Joséphine – Henry’s French PA, Camilla’s occasional lover.
Richard ‘Jackal’ Wilkinson – Millionaire founder of rock band Death Squad.
Nikolai Sergeyevich Abramov – Security consultant. No deal too dirty.
Artan – Ruthless killer-for-hire proud of his skill with a knife.
Will Tyler – Former platoon commander, now a security consultant.
Tiffany Weatherill – Henry Cooper-Black’s niece. In a drug coma.
Danny Lancaster – Soldier turned private investigator.

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When greed and vendetta run out of control someone with a cool head has to pick up the pieces.

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Adobe Digital Editions 4 Spy Allegations

07 October 2014 19:41 (GMT)

In the last couple of days there have been some interesting allegations about what Adobe Digital Editions 4 reports back to base and how it does it. See The Digital Reader and here as well as in Ars Technica.

There are legitimate reasons for transmitting book details back to the mother-ship - for example to check DRM validity or synchronize the current page across multiple devices. However it is alleged that Adobe are doing this as JSON messages over HTTP. This would mean that the information is being sent in effectively plain text - unencrypted - so anyone at an intermediate server the message passes through as it makes its way across the Web could read it.

Adobe Digital Editions 3 doesn't appear to have this behaviour.

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Pressure-based Page Turn Sensors

18 September 2014 12:35 (GMT)

Interested to see that Amazon have just announced:

  1. New basic Kindle with page-turn buttons replaced by a touch screen - because physical buttons are so out of date...
  2. New top-end Kindle Voyager with added "pressure-based page turn sensors with haptic feedback" as the next great thing.

I regularly use both touch-screen readers and one with physical buttons. Apart from the occasional frustrated swipe across the screen of the non-touch ereader I can't say I notice much difference once I'm "into" a book.

What do you prefer? Is there any future for physical buttons?

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Maybe, Misery is free everywhere!

08 September 2014 23:21 (GMT)

Hey guys. Maybe, Misery is free to download everywhere. It's a bio-thriller that jumps back and forth through time. It has a bit of everything in it so hopefully, you'll find it entertaining.




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'Elizabeth Clansham' - free Novel on Nook

03 September 2014 23:11 (GMT)

To herald the Scottish referendum on independence, 'Elizabeth Clansham,' a novel set in the Highlands and best described as an offbeat romance, is currently free on Nook:


Reviews, recommendations and ratings would be appreciated.

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Kobo Aura H2O

27 August 2014 01:02 (GMT)

Now this, I like!

I do a lot of reading in the bath - with a very old Kindle that I can afford to lose. Luckily I haven't dropped it, yet... but it is only a matter of time. Given that most touch-screen eReaders only have a USB port and a power button they should be pretty easy to water-proof. But nobody seems to have thought about it, until now.

Kobo have just announced the Kobo Aura H2O which can survive up to half an hour under a metre of water. It has a higher resolution display than the Kindle Paperwhite and will cost $10 more than the Aura HD when it arrives in October.

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