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Nobooko is a brand new online community for like-minded Kobo and Nook owners and a place to discuss and share hints and tips about the eReaders as well as discuss reading, eBooks and writing. As well as the community forum we also have a very useful resource for discovering and downloading eBooks which have been released for free including bestselling titles and new releases. Everyone is welcome to join the community, so please do sign up for a free account and start sharing the Kobo and Nook love.

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Kobo Aura HD

20 April 2014 12:14 (GMT)

Hi, This is my first post. I notice that there are Forums for the Kobo Touch, Glo, Arc, Mini. How does one go about setting up a forum for the other models. I have the Aura HD and would like to pick the brains of the community's Aura HD users in an appropriate forum. Thanks.

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Book 1 of The Remus Rothwyn Chronicles

20 April 2014 02:22 (GMT)

Steel, Magick and Faith is available for free from Nook and Kobo. Here is a synopsis of the dark fantasy novel:

In the ancient and wild world of Glenryth, Fey creatures and a nascent humanity have come into conflict, the motives of each other mutually unfathomable and alien.

Technological cults and Monotheistic religions are worshipped, any suspicion of pagan or Fey magickal taint is reviled. Prophets spread far and wide, offering hope and comfort to the beleaguered masses. Mankind is not totally separate from the energies that suffuse Glenryth, as an unfortunate few are born as Touched.

When local dwarves put a curse upon the town of High Peaks, Remus, the aloof and irritable woodcutter and sage, must try and ebb the tide of xenophobic anger that could engulf himself and any other folk that are labelled as outcasts. But when a caravan of technocrat pilgrims fails to arrive, and the body of a local child is found in the woodlands, Remus, along with the capricious Touched Elaina, must try to understand the nature of morality in a world cloaked in suspicion and fear, and, ultimately, to prevent a brewing war that could send the region spiraling into chaos and destruction.



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Brizecombe Hall - Free Victorian Romance

03 April 2014 22:29 (GMT)

'Brizecombe Hall,' a short Victorian romance, that has been described as a potted version of 'Jane Eyre,' is currently free on Nook and Kobo:



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Brizecombe Hall - Victorian Romance

03 April 2014 22:25 (GMT)

'Brizecombe Hall,' a short Victorian romance, that has been described as a potted version of 'Jane Eyre,' is currently free on Nook and Kobo:



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Horrified Press & Thirteen Press titles now available for kobo & nook

31 March 2014 23:52 (GMT)

Get 35% off Horrified Press & Thirteen Press ebooks from Kobo with this checkout code: halfdiscount35
Full list below.
Valid until August 1st, 2014

Dangerous Dreams (horror anthology)

Western Ghost Stories (horror anthology)

Broken (horror anthology)

Mirror Mirror (horror anthology)

What Lies Beneath (horror anthology)

Tales of the Undead - Hell Whore (horror anthology)

Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal (horror anthology)
http://store.kobobooks.com/en-US/ebook/t...ead-suffer eternal

Tales of the Undead - Hell Whore: volume II (horror anthology)

Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal: volume II (horror anthology)

The Possession of Eddie Walker

Infatuation - the story of the snow queen


Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal: volume III (horror anthology)

A Six Gun & the Queen of Light

Just One More Step (horror anthology)

Dark in the Limelight (horror anthology)

Adventures in Horrorland

The Housewives Go Nuclear (horror anthology)

Tales of the Undead - Hell Whore: volume III

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'A Six Gun & the Queen of Light' reviews

31 March 2014 23:43 (GMT)

'A Six Gun & the Queen of Light'


Mar 13, 2014E.S. Wynn rated it 5 of 5 stars (Goodreads)

Mark Slade’s debut novel, A Six Gun and the Queen of Light, is a gripping, surreal and spooky western with intriguing characters and dusty-gorgeous settings described in a vivid style that brings to mind greats like Zane Grey and Stephen King. Ready to ride with the cowboys and demons in the town of Bedlam? Hit the trail with Slade’s A Six Gun and the Queen of Light– just make sure you never eat a horde!

A review of ’A Six Gun & the Queen of Light’ from lurid-lit.com

This is a novella contained in a volume of the same name that also includes a poem (The Wicked Widget) also by Mark Slade and a short story (Tribal Death) by Nathan J. D. L. Rowark. All things considered let us first examine the little prizes found in the back of our literary box of cracker jacks.“The Wicked Widget” is a marvelous and amusing little ditty about some wee folks, no not those ‘wee folks’, living underground. The companion art by Ida Astero appears to be Tim Burton inspired as does Mr. Slade’s verse. This was an unexpected and pleasant gem that on its own I hope, will lead to its own headlining adventures someday.In “Tribal Death” Mr. Rowark blends the old west and the supernatural in an action filled tale of lead, gold and greed. This too was a surprising little prize that stands alone as being worth the cost of admission by itself.The hat trick or trifecta is certainly “A Six Gun And The Queen of Light”, a story you certainly will not expect. Welcome to the town of Bedlam and meet the residents and experience some of their ‘hobbies’: shape shifting, Chinese mysticism, were-boars, apparitions and magic all against the backdrop of the post-Civil War wild west.The chapters are short just like a cracker jack, completely addictive and sweet with action in exhilarated jolts. I love the use of ‘the other white meat’ and believe me it is ‘other’ white meat. Like any western this is a battle for justice or good versus evil that will surprise, amaze and not disappoint.This volume is scheduled for release this week and I am telling you, you really can’t wait. Buy this book!

Check out more Horrified Press titles here:

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