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Nobooko is an online community for like-minded Kobo and Nook owners and a place to discuss and share hints and tips about the eReaders as well as discuss reading, eBooks and writing. As well as the community forum we also have a very useful resource for discovering and downloading eBooks which have been released for free including bestselling titles and new releases. Everyone is welcome to join the community, so please do sign up for a free account and start sharing the Kobo and Nook love.

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The Desert Keeps Its Dead - my 1st ever crime thriller

20 December 2014 17:31 (GMT)

Down the years, I’ve largely become known as a writer of supernatural fiction, dark fantasy, and horror. I’ve written science fiction too, and even some short mystery stories, but those have almost always had either a supernatural or a futuristic twist. But now my very first full-blown crime novel – THE DESERT KEEPS ITS DEAD – is out from Telos Publishing. No spooks, no sf, nothing but action and intrigue and evil-doing. It’s available in eBook format and in a paperback version too. The back-cover write-up is below:

The desert … it prefers to keep its dead. It wraps them up in its hot, dry arms, leeching the moisture from their skin ….

Ex-FBI agent turned private eye Matt Barrett arrives in Sunset City, Arizona searching for a teenage runaway, only to find her dead and buried in the desert sand. Investigating further, he learns that other young girls have gone missing. It seems there may be a serial killer on the loose. But Sunset City is an unwelcoming place of dark, closely-guarded secrets, and Barrett is resisted at every step of the way, soon finding his own life in danger …

A gripping, noirish debut crime novel from acclaimed horror and dark fantasy author Tony Richards.

‘He’s convincing … convincing enough that the locals will read about their city as described by Tony Richards and shudder. And that’s what we call a writers’ writer’ – John Pelan.

THE DESERT KEEPS ITS DEAD is available in eBook format from Amazon, B&N Nook, Kobo, and as a fine looking trade paperback from Telos Publishing.

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Free Christmas Short Romances

18 December 2014 14:54 (GMT)

I have two seasonal short romances that are free on Nook and Kobo, 'The Office Party:'



and 'All The Trimmings:'



If you read and enjoy the stories, I would appreciate reviews, recommendations and ratings on Nook, Kobo and elsewhere.

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Nook Press Publishing Platform - Absolutely God Awful!

29 November 2014 14:55 (GMT)

Moan alert, but I'm sorry: I really am fed up! Angry

For the past two weeks I've been trying to publish my book Big Brother by uploading the .epub file onto the Nook Press system. I want to sell it in the UK and Europe as well as the US. I was successful with Epiworld, but for some inexplicable reason Nook is having none of it with Big Brother! All I want is the first three pages centred and it won't do it!

I have checked the .xhtml codes in the Sigil epub, I've tested the pages in Notepad, I have checked the file in .epub reader - those pages are centred! Then I upload the file into Nook press - all the centred formatting disappears and everything goes left aligned: looks rubbish in the preview and downloaded .epub. I was advised not to use the editor function as it has major problems. The editor doesn't seem to work at all in Internet Explorer, but I did try typing those pages from scratch into the editor in Firefox. Thought I'd cracked it: in the preview it looked great. Downloaded the resulted .epub: back to square one, everything centred = left aligned again! NOTHING works!

Stuck. Draft2Digital is no good because it only puts the book out for the US market.

Don't suppose anyone here has a clue?!

Doin' me 'ead in! Angry

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Editing An Epub On Nook Press - Can Anyone Help?

08 November 2014 17:20 (GMT)


I've now started putting my books onto Nook. I uploaded an epub but it needed tweaking. The annoying thing is I save each chapter after editing, and deleted an unwanted chapter, but those saves are not being reflected in the preview and I can still see the deleted chapter! Angry Does anyone know if there's a problem with it?

The other annoying thing about using Nook Press is that although it recognises the .xhtml files there is no way you can make amendments using a code view!

Thanks Smile


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Kobo Desktop

27 October 2014 19:39 (GMT)

My Kobo Desktop wasn't working properly so Kobo Helpline told me to uninstall it and re-install from their website. I did this only to find that the latest version of Desktop will not run on my computer with Windows XP. I emailed the helpline again only to be told that they do not support XP. I have books purchased and now cannot download them to my Kobo. Does this mean that my Kobo Glo is now useless? Any suggestions welcome. I have complained to Kobo but as yet no response.

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eBooks and Dead-Tree Statistics

24 October 2014 01:01 (GMT)

Here's an interesting infographic about ebooks. It seems that most readers still prefer dead trees.

Another statistic I noticed this week (source unknown) is that the average male in the UK reads four books a year, and the average female six. I suspect these figures are pulled down by many people not reading books at all, whilst 'readers' probably have a rather higher batting average. I average about thirty a year, but I bet that is nothing compared with some in this forum!

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