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Pop Thinking: User Friendly Essays on Popular Culture vol. 1 by Kate Krake (Kate Krake)

A collection of user friendly essays written by the team at Vivid Scribe, edited by Kate Krake.In this book you’ll come across a lot of ideas and a lot of questions covering a range of topics and…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 23 May 2013 PDT/PST  Rating: 4.00 / 5 2 reviews

Around the World for 900 Years: Watching History Happen by George J Cole (George J Cole)

George Cole's history includes events not commonly described in routine history books: An important religious figure who drinks a cup of pus to "prove a philosophical point". A Chinese Emperor who…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 23 May 2013 PDT/PST 

Three Articles: The Dark Knight Rises, Bronson & The Prestige by Lee Adams (Lee Adams)

Christopher Nolan is one of the most profitable and influential directors of the last decade, with films such as the Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception. But is Nolan an inherently boring director, or…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 31 March 2013 PDT/PST 

Sunflower Diaries: Cryptology Applied to Con-Air, Post-It Notes, Karen the Cougar… by Rod Island (Rod Island)

I was actually upset because I'm on a schedule where I try to mark the calendar date for publication release. My computer crashed about 10 minutes before midnight at 11:45 pm PST on 3/13 of 2013 and…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 20 March 2013 PDT/PST 

Sunflower Diaries: Cryptology Applied to Moulin Rouge, Magneto, Scientology, and… by Rod Island (Rod Island)

Volume 25 is the first half a manuscript that was dedicated to the theme of "Moulin Rouge." It recounts a personal story of a failed "bromance" with a best friend of 23 years and where we didn't see…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 19 March 2013 PDT/PST 

Sunflower Diaries: Cryptology Applied to Religious Catfishing, Bad Boys, the DeLorean… by Rod Island (Rod Island)

Volume 10 starts off with talking about why publication of these books has urgency. That urgency results in more typos, grammatical errors, and poor formatting that normal literature shouldn't have in…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 17 February 2013 PDT/PST  Rating: 5.00 / 5 1 review

Fighting for Breath by Cally Phillips (Guerrilla Midgie Press)

THIS IS A SCREENPLAY. Che Guevara fought many battles in his life. The most enduring was the one he fought against asthma and this screenplay suggests that battle as a key influence in his life…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 04 February 2013 PDT/PST 

October Horror: Musings on Horror Movies by C. Patrick Neagle (Goblinbrook Press)

If you have a love for horror movies--for turning off the lights and curling up on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a cozy blanket and something frightening on the TV--then you'll want to read…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 12 November 2012 PDT/PST  Rating: 5.00 / 5 1 review

Any Last Words? or A Collection of Funny or Mildly Ironic Final Quotes by Jake Murphy (Jake Murphy)

Jake Murphy presents a funnier side to History’s usual recount of death and calamity with his newly published ‘Any Last Words? …or a collection of funny or mildly ironic final quotes’, an anthology of…...

Genre: Entertainment / Film / Free: 05 November 2012 PDT/PST  Rating: 2.00 / 5 4 reviews

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