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Human Rights as Mashiach: A Jewish Theology of Human Rights by Shaiya Rothberg (Shaiya Rothberg)

It happens that powerful redemptive ideas push humanity to a higher stage of evolution in which we as a species are wiser, more loving and more just than we were before. One such idea was that…...

Genre: Religion & Spirituality / Judaism / Free: 16 April 2013 PDT/PST  Rating: 5.00 / 5 1 review

The Prophet Muhammad Mustafa the Elect (s.a.s) - 2 – by Osman Nuri Topbas (Erkam Publications)


Genre: Religion & Spirituality / Judaism / Free: 28 July 2013 PDT/PST 

Biblical Religion: The Great Lie by Michael Kalopoulos (Elderberry Press)

Using evidence from the Bible, Mythology and Archeology, this book sheds new light on the birth and the nature of biblical religion. Abraham, the Chaldean sorcerer, used his beautiful wife as bait to lure local rulers into a trap of poisonous sorcery. By “healing” the “plagues” he ...

Genre: Religion & Spirituality / Judaism / Free: 28 July 2013 PDT/PST 

What Do You Mean When You Say "God"? by Shaiya Rothberg (Shaiya Rothberg)

In this book, I'll tell you what I mean by "God". I hope I'll also teach you a methodology for refining what you mean by "God" so that God can more powerfully energize your religious life (or whatever…...

Genre: Religion & Spirituality / Judaism / Free: 24 July 2013 PDT/PST 

Showing Free eBook 1-4 of 4

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