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Family & Relationships / Adolescence

When Good Kids Get You In A Gotcha War

Katherine Gordy Levine


Free From: 28 July 2013 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence


Nancy Reil Riojas

Some friends are more memorable than others, such as Steven and Linda. After the Priest gave him his last rites, Steven continued to live. And not until decades later, we understood why. Excerpt: “Mother snapped her fingers. ‘Get down on your knees,’ she said while pointing to the fl...

Free From: 26 July 2013 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence

You're Welcome to Date My Daughter IF...

J. Richard Lewis

Are you a desperate daughter eager to convince your overly protective dad to let you date that “someone special”? Are you a desperate dad, terrified that your daughter is growing…...

Rating: 3.00 / 5
2 reviews

Free From: 23 July 2013 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence

A Relationship Gone Bad: Inside the Mind of an Adolescent

Daniel Grevillius

This is a third person account of two young teens and the struggles they went through in their relationship. I wrote this when I was 14 and the main character is a shadow of me and what went through…...

Free From: 23 July 2013 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence

All's Fair in Love & Seduction (The Elusive Lords, Book 2.5)

Beverley Kendall

She hopes to gain his affectionsFor Miss Elizabeth Smith, sharing her first kiss with the charming Lord Derek Creswell is nothing short of a dream come true...that is, until she is spotted by one of…...

Rating: 4.00 / 5
61 reviews

Free From: 22 April 2013 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence

Parking in Heaven

Joe H. Bell Jr

But, for those that do, this influence that they bring to bear may last for weeks, months, or even years. Occasionally, even their memories shape our destiny; sometimes in unimaginable ways. This…...

Rating: 4.00 / 5
1 review

Free From: 26 February 2013 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence

The Joy of Sex (Official): A little bit on the side - The timeless guide to…

Alex Comfort

Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, The joy of Sex is a celebration of lovemaking – and the original illustrated sex manual. It’s still the best, having helped millions of people to enjoy a great…...

Rating: 3.00 / 5
272 reviews

Free From: 05 November 2012 PDT/PST

Family & Relationships / Adolescence

Stop Simpin- Why Men Don't Need Finance to Get Romance

Shawn James

The media tells a man he needs money to get women.But a man doesn't need finance to get romance....

Free From: 05 November 2012 PDT/PST

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