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How do I load formats other than Kobo purchases ?

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30 Dec 2015, 10:01 AM
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I recently bought an Aurora H2O, partly because the promo stuff said it can accept .docx., .pdf, and numerous other formats.
I want to be able to load files from my computer to my kobo and read them when convenient elsewhere, but I can't find a way to (a) load them, and (b) access them once loaded (I've tried straight forward copy through USB from desktop m/c to H2O, but they then don't show up on the H2O home screen.
Any ideas ?
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05 Apr 2019, 06:25 AM
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I have bought a used Kobo Aura H2o. I am having a unique problem. When I connect my kobo to my desktop and laptop through a usb cable the ereader displays that the device is charging however I dont see kobo in the Windows Explorer as a usb device.
If the usb port or the usb cable was faulty the ereader's battery should not start charging. The battery continues to charge however I don't see the device display in the Windows Explorer. This prevents me to upload my files on the device.
However through wifi I am able to access my kobo account and can download free ebooks from there. Once a Free ebook is installed through wifi the device works great. I can flip pages and do everything I need to but I cant upload books from my desktop. Can someone please help me.

Please note that the device is Aura H2o edition 1
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