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Annotations disappeared

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20 Aug 2015, 11:45 PM
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I put an epub on my Kobo, of a book I am writing. I have been reading through it and making annotations on the Kobo of what needed to be corrected, and then going through those when back at my PC and making the changes.
However, today, when looking for the latest annotations on this book on my Kobo, they have disappeared. Quite a bit of work just gone. It has some earlier annotations (which I have already processed in the book on the PC), but the recent ones are gone.
A weird thing did happen recently though with my Kobo Touch. I turned it on and most of my books had disappeared. The settings on the Kobo showed a very small space on the Micro SD card, much less than it should have been. After switching off and on again, it all went back to normal, but maybe that knocked out the annotations? Although some of the annotations were added after that event.
Is there a way to get the annotations back?
Where are they stored? If I rooted the Kobo would that help?
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