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A free Kobo book completely unreadable

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29 Jun 2015, 10:27 AM
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I just downloaded a Kobo book by Sir Thomas Browne, "Pseudodoxia Epidemica or enquiries into many received tenets ...". It's free, and so it comes with no guarantee, but it's a waste of readers time to offer them a book which is utterly impossible to read. Here's a typical paragraph:

"Laflly, Man was not ooly dccdTcable in his integricy, but (be Angcb ofligbi in oil tbctr clarit)'. He thu bid be would belike luc liighcA , did err, ifinfoinc way be conceived nothttnfell'fo alcexdv; but inaticmptingfohighuncffed from Umfclf^ be mif-nnderUood the nature of God, and hdd i ialfe appreheolion o£ his owoi whereby vainly ancmpung not only inlbleacici, butimpolGb<liiict, bede-ceived bimfelf OS low a^ bdl. In brief, there is nothing infallible but God, who cannotpoffiblcerr. Foriliingiarc rcallytnicasil)cy corrcfpond unto tuicon-ception -, and have fo much verity, ai ihcy hold of contbrmity unto that tntet-lea, in whufc Idd they had their tirli dctcrminaiioiu. And ihcrcrore being the role, he annot be irregular -, nor being tratb it fdf, coaceirably adma tbe ud-poiliblefocieiy of error."

It looks as if it was got from the 17th century first edition by low-quality OCR. The true text is perfectly clear English prose. I suggest Kobo should remove this useless version from their bookshop.

Fortunately Project Gutenberg has the complete works in a very good edition.
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21 Aug 2015, 09:22 AM
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There are lots of books like that on Kobo and other ebook stores. Plenty of people around who do a bad OCR job and then put it out as an ebook without caring about quality. At least it was free. Some people charge money for such poor quality ebooks. Which is why it is important to always download a sample first to check the quality.
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