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The Doomsday Dilemma - Free Thriller

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17 May 2015, 01:27 PM
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Free Thriller:

The Doomsday Dilemma

Upon finally regaining consciousness, the first thing Peter Harper became aware of was that someone seemed to be drilling a hole into the top of his head. Searing pain shot through his brain like a bullet repeatedly ricocheting off the inside of his skull, followed by a slow creeping tinnitus, which started in low, but was soon up to a mile passed deafening...

Security guard Peter Harper awakes in a strange room, covered in blood from a catastrophic head wound, with no recollection how he got there. But he is not alone. He is the ‘guest’ of the mysterious Doctor Logan. A research scientist at the shadowy Government funded Ventrex labs where Harper works.
Harper is there to bear witness to a terrible and wonderful revelation Doctor Logan has for the world. But whether Logan’s intentions are for the good of humanity only, time will tell.

A small well-meaning group of Eco-activists believe, with their help, Logan is about to expose the illegal covert bio-weapons research he has been involved with at Ventrex. It will topple the Government. To them Logan is a hero. But Peter Harper is not so sure.
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