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Problems with syncing, reading, rebooting

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02 Feb 2015, 12:09 AM
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I recently purchased a Kobo Touch. I have previously used Kobo using the Android app, but wanted a proper ebook reader to read my Kobo books.
I used wifi to sync my account after logging in and it started to download all my books. I thought it had finished. When I went to the library on the device it listed so many pages of books (not sure now how many). That later changed, not sure why. Then after syncing again, it downloaded books that had previously been missing, and now there were 21 pages of books in the Kobo library.
There should have been 170 books, but 21 pages is at most 105 books.
Then when I tried to open some of the books, the screen was blank apart from the word "Reading" at the top of the screen, probably because it had not downloaded. Some books opened okay.
A short while later there are only 10 pages of books, so over half my books have disappeared.
I think this is a problem with syncing via wifi, as I keep trying to sync and it does it for a while and then comes up with a network error message, despite the fact that other wireless devices are all working perfectly well on the same wifi access point and my internet is working.
I have tried re-entering my wifi password on the Kobo but it does not help. The Kobo is sitting less than half a metre from the wifi access point and keeps refusing to hold the connection. This is true even after several times switching the Kobo Touch off and then on again.
I am continuing to try to sync the device, but so far it cannot hold a stable wifi connection for long enough. Is there a way to fix this?

And sometimes when reading a book on the device, the Kobo Touch just randomly reboots itself.

Each time I sync or use the Touch, the number of books changes. I have connected it to my PC and run Calibre, which shows 85 books on there.

I have tried contacting Kobo tech support. They suggested switching it off and using a paperclip in the hole at the back, which did nothing. That was after the second time I contacted them today about this. After the first request I just got a standard response telling me how to clear my web browser cache, which is not only irrelevant, as my request relates to one of their devices rather than my PC, but also shows that their tech support people probably do not even bother to read the emails they receive.

So does anyone have a solution to this? Or do you think my Touch might be faulty?

When I go to settings and look at Device Information, it shows storage used as about 900 MB of 1361 MB (it varies according to how many books it thinks are there). Software version is 2.1.0 (r42472, 8/28/12).
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03 Feb 2015, 11:22 AM
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Update: I managed to do a factory reset of the device, and connected to a Windows PC running Kobo Desktop, which then upgraded the firmware to 3.11 -- which is a big improvement over the 2.1 version. It also downloaded all my books onto the Kobo Touch, and now I can read books on there. Must be a problem with syncing over wifi on the older firmware.
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29 Sep 2015, 02:29 PM
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Took my Kobo Touch on holiday when it did a reboot, would of liked to of had a chose, as then had only 1 paper book to read, & needed to find wi-fi to get it working again.
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