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Dust and Moonlight - Fantasy/Time Travel

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01 Jul 2014, 01:46 PM
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Fantasy/Time Travel

[Image: Dust+&+Moonlight+(BIG).JPG]

Kira Barton is a criminal profiler and Private Investigator. While investigating the deaths of three young women, the serial killer traps her in an abandoned building. With the phantom of death hovering over her, she's saved by an ethereal woman from another realm. Now she's running for her life from wild boars, shape-shifting panthers, masked assassins and a decadent Prince intent on saving her. Together, they battle an army of hardened warriors bent on destroying the kingdom of Locke Cress. But how do they fight this all-consuming love between them---a love that transcends time and crosses all boundaries?

Review Snippets:
"Keta Diablo does a great job with this story. She makes the kingdom of Locke Cress so visible it seems like you are there in the story. There are moments of intense action that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. Then tender moments that you make you wonder how the hero and heroine will overcome such obstacles. Dust and Moonlight creates a whole new world with sorcerers and shape shifting men, and the powerful Mage, that lives only to finish a story, treachery and love."

"Dust and Moonlight is a delightful fantasy. A good fantasy will have time travel, sorcerers, or wizards. This book has it all." Readers Review

"DUST AND MOONLIGHT is a captivating tale that includes magic, mystery, romance, betrayal, and, most importantly, love. The way Ms. Diablo wrote the magical time travel scenes almost makes me believe it could really happen. The sex there is spine tingling." Dark Angel Reviews

"Dust and Moonlight is a very pleasant story to read on a nice, cool day. I have always loved the elements of fantasy and magic as well as cultures who believe in it completely, Ms. Diablo gives us both in spades. I completely fell into the world she created and instantly fell in love with the feisty, modern Kira as well as with the handsome warrior Prince Balion. Their chemistry burns right off the pages and somehow seeps into you, sweeping you away by passion. The secondary characters in the story are vital and breath life into the lives of Kira and Balion with such believability that one finds themselves wishing they knew them or even sit and converse with such vivid characters." Moon Over Water Reviews

Kira passed more than a thousand trees, their ancient trunks draped in twisted vines and slithering black serpents. On a fool’s mission, caught in a labyrinth of never-ending turns and false paths, despair found her. Wandering the woods for hours, she'd walking in circles, trudged through sweltering swamps and breath-sucking tropical forests. Dropping to a stump, she buried her head in her hands and wept.

At every pause, she‘d held the medallion in her hands, closed her eyes and repeated the chant. “Full moon, winter's night, hear my call, see my plight. Come daughter of hope, savior of grief, come with me to a place of peace.”

She waited, and when nothing happened, wailed. The air wove a thread of malevolence through her befuddled brain. She knew with certainty if she didn't find the spot where she’d landed soon, she'd no longer need air.

Courage had knocked on her door that morning and led her to the medallion in Balion's bedchamber. Tired of playing the pawn in their silly war games, weary of attending a one-person-pity-party, she'd lifted the talisman from the table and remembered she'd almost died in this strange land, three times. If she hoped to see her parents again, the time had come to take matters into her own hands.

She was a psychological profiler for God's sake, an intelligent, educated woman who could surely outsmart a bevy of medieval characters from a distant--very distant--past. Out of temper, not to mention options, reality smacked her in the face like the hard-driven rain that had suddenly appeared.

Soaked clear through to her skin, she rose from the stump and headed for a cave ahead. Nestled between steep tawny cliffs, the shelter looked as good as the next place to sort out her thoughts, and it would be dry. Tired, hungry, and oh so wet, she entered, slumped against a wall near the entrance and slithered to the ground.

* * *

If you'd like to know more about my books, please visit my Author Page on Nook: NOOK AUTHOR PAGE
Thank you and have a wonderful 4th of July with family and friends, Keta
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