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27 Mar 2014, 05:49 AM
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The next book in my GENERATIONS sci-fi romance and adventure series, GENERATIONS: TRIAL and ERROR, is now available from Kobo.

The year is now 2117, and the Carters have been working non-stop for several months. And for all their hard work, they have been rewarded with a string of failures. Every prototype design their teams have developed and tested has ended in disaster. It's just been one failure after another, leaving both of the Carters dejected and frustrated.

After yet another failure, each of the Carters is unexpectedly and reluctantly drawn from their respective engineering facility back to the Mars Research Colony. Once there, they find themselves subject to a bitter-sweet reunion, both with one another, and with an old friend. After returning to the MRC, and after some husband and wife upheaval – and other personal upheavals – the Carters agree to join their old friend, Tony Gremoli, for a short, but much needed vacation. Kathy and Jason, apart too long, are both looking forward to some special time together.

Unexpectedly, two other acquaintances at the MRC join them – one of whom, Kathy could do without. Normally, Kathy would object and threaten to remain behind if that particular person was allowed to remain with their group. However, Kathy is not the same person she was just a short time ago, and she surprisingly relents. So, what was three, are now five.

On their impromptu excursion to another part of Mars, they all intend to spend a few fun days relaxing and unwinding. Unfortunately, fate has something much less pleasant in store for them. And so, not all of the merry band will return to the MRC alive.

Relationships will be stressed and tested. Some of those relationships will end, while some will find new beginnings. And while all will be pushed to extremes, Kathy and Katherine in particular will each undergo significant change. Kathy will find herself experiencing an unexpected journey into self-discovery, or is it perhaps a journey of rediscovery? And as for Katherine, well, Katherine will never again be the same.

Raul Cavazos
www.raulc.me (raul-c-dot-me)
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