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The Magazine

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17 Dec 2013, 11:17 PM
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"The Magazine" describes itself as "for curious people with a technical bent" and it hits its target with accuracy. It's published every two weeks and consists of just five medium length articles with an emphasis on good writing and good editing. The articles cover a wide range of interesting subjects, for example the latest issue covers:
  • The suspected role of caffeine in marathon deaths
  • A utopian arcology in the Arizona desert
  • How to modify cockroaches into computer controlled robots
  • Existence and Ontologies (really interesting - honest!)
  • Preserving video games for future generations

One article from each issue can be read for free on the Web - there have been 31 issues so far, so there is plenty of opportunity to confirm if you like the style. I think it is well work paying $1.99 per month (or $19.99 a year) for the full issues. A subscription gives you access to the full contents of all back issues - about 150 articles, plus the new issue every other week.

You can read "The Magazine" on the web, but it is also offered as EPUB and Kindle downloads. The formatting is great on the Nook Simple Touch and Kobo Mini, less so on the Kindle (not their fault - I don't like the periodical support on the Amazon eInk devices).

Have you found any digital-only magazines or periodicals that make great use of eInk readers?
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