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One man's defiance of the Norman Invaders

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26 Dec 2012, 10:42 AM
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1066. King Harold and most of England's warriors lie dead on the battle-field. William of Normandy is marching on London with a victorious army.

Fearful and desperate, the great council of the kingdom elects a new king to unite the country against the invader. Their choice falls on Edgar, the thirteen year old descendent of Alfred the Great.

The hopes of a nation are placed on a youngster with little experience of life. All he has to help him are a fierce intelligence, courage and the loyalty of a handful of friends.

Burdened with impossible hopes and expectations, mired in fear and treachery, Edgar begins a life-time of resistance to the Norman conquerors.

The Battle of Hastings is over. The Battle for England is about to begin.


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