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Second book, 'Earthed', available soon!

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22 Sep 2013, 06:02 PM
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The second book in the End Storm saga will be available late October. It is a prequel to End Storm, which is available now.

End Storm was nominated by Apple for it's 'Breakthrough Author Award', and has received only 5 star reviews......

The sky changed. The city changed.

Then the people changed.

Robert McEwan was looking forward to spending the Easter weekend camping with his wife and son in the beautiful South Downs. Instead, from his office in a central London skyscraper, he watches scenes of mayhem unfolding on the ground. His first thought is to reach his family.

Emma McEwan and five-year-old Steven are caught up in the chaos. They rush to get home, only to discover that their journey is far from over.

Struggling to survive and reunite in the brutal new world, they find that the places they once knew are no longer safe, and many of the people they encounter are utterly, catastrophically transformed.

In the midst of blood and destruction, will love find a way to reunite them under the stars?


Also, check out the trilogy of End Storm short stories, The Gathering, Second Chance and First Night!

So with 'Earthed' coming out soon, get up to date by reading End Storm now!

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