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Barnes and Noble payments

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22 Aug 2013, 09:52 AM
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I bought a Nook Simple Touchfrom Sainsburys when they had the £29.99 offer in May - I had a Kindle but wife wanted something similar. I bought a few books for her, but haven't bought anything for months.

For the last three months B&N have deducted £4.99 from my account and despite contacting them about it several times they have never come back to me. It's being taken from my debit card so it's not a simple case of just deleting a direct debit.

Any idea what these payments would be for - I've not subscribed to anything.
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22 Aug 2013, 04:54 PM
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Did you try any of their free trials of magazines and then cancel?

I subscribed to "Linux Format" for a while but when I tried to unsubscribe B&N's software threw a wobbly. I'm now both subscribed and not subscribed...

According to B&N I'm subscribed, so I get each issue turn up on my Nook and the subscription is debited monthly.

However according to B&N I'm NOT subscribed - so I get "Free Trial" links on each issue and have no opportunity to unsubscribe.

Bizarrely the issues available to me vary from device to device. All issues are available on my Simple Touch, but the two most recent issues are not available through Nook for PC...
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