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Dralin, a FREE fantasy novel by John H. Carroll

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05 Aug 2013, 05:10 AM
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I've published the first book of my new trilogy. The title is "Dralin" and the trilogy is called "The Dralin Trilogy". It is swords and sorcery style fantasy. Dralin is a sinister city where everything takes place. The next two books in the series, "Ebudae" and "Pelya", are now available. It takes place in the world of Ryallon, the same setting for my Willden Trilogy. The timeline begins approximately 20 years earlier.


[Image: Dralincover4300.jpg]

There are many cities in the world of Ryallon that know the touch of despair and evil, but none like Dralin. Towers of wizards rise high into the air, shrouded in the mists of magical smog. Poor sleep in the alleyways, becoming deformed by pollution. Life is short for many.

Throughout all of it, the cunning and dangerous members of the City Guard do their best to keep evil and crime from destroying the citizens of Dralin. Trained to fight in streets that make no sense, they keep wickedness from taking over completely.

A young woman fleeing her past makes Dralin her destination. A young Guardsman with his own dark history hopes to make a difference in a city that is without hope. Are sorrow and despair their only destiny, or can love redeem them? Two young girls raised in this city learn life's hard lessons early. Will they be defeated by its evil?

Underneath the city lie hidden dangers even more terrible than those that lurk in its dark streets. Ancient ruins of civilizations past still hold onto the memories of how grand they once were, while menacing creatures hope for a tasty meal to venture into their domain.

The Dralin Trilogy is a dark, swords-and-sorcery fantasy series following the lives of a few unusual individuals as they desperately try to survive in the sinister city of Dralin.

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