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31 Jul 2013, 10:56 PM
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One of the challenges in this new world of ebooks, for authors and readers alike, is called book discovery. Authors work all sorts of angles to make their books more discoverable, to wildly varying degrees of success. Ebook readers are overwhelmed by an endless tsunami of new book from which to choose their next read. In days of bookstore browsing it was an easy enough matter. A book caught your eye, you read a couple of chapters, and you were hooked - or not.

I've stumbled upon (and placed one of my books on) a site that allows readers to do this in an online setting. It's called First Chapters. There aren't many books there yet (mine is only the third submission they've received for science fiction) but that's going to change. Authors such as yours truly post two or three chapters, which you get to read for free to see if maybe a bit of a cash investment might be justified. Just like going to a brick-and-mortar store and flipping the first pages. Okay, not exactly like that, but you get the idea.


It looks promising. And although most of the entries thus far have but a single link to a source, most of us sell our books through multiple outlets, so Kobo and Nook remain an option.

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