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Hi guys, just found this place!

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14 Jul 2013, 03:04 AM
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I just bought myself a Kobo Mini through a half price sale at Chapters, and I've been looking for as much free content as possible. My wife found this site for me and I've been amazed at how much there is.

The number of free books listed on the kobobooks.com website free books section is pitiful! I did a google search of the website for key terms indicating free books and found a few more that way. Then I found a page on Goodreads that lists a lot of free books but it was hit or miss whether those books would still be free or even available.

After all that I was surprised to find this site with thousands of free books listed, and so far 100% reliable. All of the books I've clicked on so far have actually been available *and* free!

So I'll be nosing around here a little more. Thought I'd introduce myself.
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14 Jul 2013, 03:39 PM
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Hi there and welcome!

The free books list is updated daily. Some books are only free for a short period so it's worth checking regularly. Depending on what types of books you are interested in there are a number of other good repositories of free books - for example the Gutenberg Project is very good for old books that are out of copyright.
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14 Jul 2013, 08:40 PM
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I signed up for your daily email for the new free books.

I know about Project Gutenberg. I've got a lot of books in txt format which I used on my old reader. It's actually a small iPod Touch-like device that plays videos and music, but also displays text files. I don't mind the small screen, but the battery life is kind of pathetic and it's a little buggy.

I've already transferred most of my library of text files over to my Kobo Mini.
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