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Italian Forensic Pathologist

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20 Jun 2013, 11:53 PM
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A few years ago someone recommended a series of crime thrillers about an Italian Forensic Pathologist. I think they were written in Italian but had been translated into English. I'm blowed if I can remember enough details to find the books. Does it ring any bells?

They were compared favourable with the Inspector Montalbano

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series - which I love, so I'm quite keen to find them.

... and searching for "Inspector Montalbano" in the Kobo store turns up nothing - but a search for the author, Andrea Camilleri

Find On:

KoboBarnes & Noble
does the trick!
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22 Jun 2013, 09:19 PM
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No one? It was a long-shot after all...

Supplementary question - Does anyone have any recommendations for other good Euro-detective books? Apart from Il commissario Montalbano my other favourites are:

Do you have a favourite Euro-detective series to recommend?
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