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Kobo Clara - Missing Aa Text Icon

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01 Sep 2019, 09:29 AM
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I'm (almost) beaten by this: I can find no way on my Kobo Clara to adjust the fonts and text sizes.

User Guide Page 39/40 details how to do this:
Changing text and font options on your Kobo eReader
Your eReader offers several different sizes of text for most books. You can adjust the text size, fonts, line spacing, and justiļ¬cation to make reading easier on your eyes.

However, on "tapping middle of screen" the Reading Menu does NOT have an Aa Text Icon.

I've checked the firmware is up to date and - being new to this ereader - and navigated every conceivable setup menu I can find, I'm now stumped. I've also tried this with various epubs/pdfs etc and the

How do I enable/find this option - is there some setting somewhere that disables it? Or do I have a faulty Kobo?

I'd add that - all of the YT clips I've seen for the Clara have the Aa Text Icon - as well as a few other options.

My Clara has an icon that looks like a compass (four triangles surrounding a small circle). This icon allows for zooming in/out on pages, centre horiz/vert and rotate screen.

Is this a firmware issue? can I rollback to the firmware that had the Aa Text Icon option?

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01 Sep 2019, 10:48 PM
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The Clara displays the Aa Text icon for EPUB books and the cursor icon (four triangles around a small circle) when displaying PDF books. So it sounds like you are displaying PDF books.

It is not practical for the Clara to change the font size in a PDF document as it would require rebuilding and reflowing the whole document which takes more CPU and RAM than the ereader can spare - so it sticks to zooming the view of the whole page.

However you did say "also tried this with various epubs/pdfs etc". Can you confirm that the Aa Text icon isn't shown when viewing an EPUB book?
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