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Blunders of the amateur novel writers

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05 Feb 2019, 08:30 PM
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Writing a romance novel is quite popular and is considered one of the easiest genre of novel writing. As romance novels and romance fiction are probably one of the most sold novels across the globe, there are few big mistakes or you can say blunders that most of the amateurs romance novel writers make and how can you avoid them:

• Know what your romance genre is. Whether its romance tragedy or a happily-ever-after romance novel. Know your genre inside and out.

• Never opt for storylines which decrease or hinders your characters’ development.

• Highlight the background story of your lead characters to give intensity to the relationship.

• Choosing a perfect prince charming as your lead might not be the best option for romance novel writing in this modern age.

• Make the struggles and hassles for your characters realistic and believable (nobody’s ever snatched starts from the sky for their loved ones)

• Stop using the over-used character plotlines and descriptions.

• Avoid using clichéd character types and natures.
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