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Why I use E-Books and a few problems.

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16 Jun 2018, 08:44 AM
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I have a series of questions but perhaps I should start by saying why I would like to use eBooks.
When I'm studying a particular subject and find a book that I wish to use I find that it helps me to absorb the subject if I copy pieces from it onto my computer. The problem is that by the time I have moved my eyes from the book to the computer I have forgotten what I wanted to type. It was suggested to me that this problem may result from my dyslexia.
As a result I started to scan pages of books I'm working with deleting them when I have finished with them.
I recently attempted to copy a few lines from the opening of "Six minutes in May" and a message came up saying "libro.eb20.net says, You have reached your copy quota, or the publisher of this text has not enabled copying for this title." That made me cautious about eBooks so If, I’m not allowed to make copies of an eBook I do hope the seller will let me know.
My introduction to eBooks was via Amazon and Kindle and their operating systems are simplicity personified to use but for various reasons I now prefer not to use them so am looking for other E-Book suppliers but none are as simple to deal with as Kindle.
I got as far as discovering Adobe Digital Editions but not as far as being able to find an E-Book to use on it yet.
I am studying Winston S. Churchill and would very much like to find an E-Book version of “Churchill A study in Failure 1930-1939 Robert Rhodes James.
I recently bought an E-Book copy of Six Minutes in May: How Churchill Unexpectedly Became Prime Minister Nicholas Shakespeare. I know that I downloaded it but now I can’t find it.

As you can see I need some help to get started on eBooks.
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