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Nook or Kindle ?

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25 May 2013, 06:51 PM
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As a (very) newbie to e-readers, I am torn between buying a Kindle or a Nook. I am attracted to the Nook a. for its value for money (currently in the UK around the £30 mark if you can find one) and b. every single review has given it at least 4 if not 5 stars. My main problem with the Nook is that I live in the UK. Looking to see what books are available, it appears that almost all are of American origin, with scarcely any British authors that I can find.
Is that really the case or have I missed a trick here ??
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03 Aug 2013, 03:54 PM
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From what I gather on other boards, B&N is very USA-centric. Kobo is much more global. Maybe you should look at the Kobo ereaders.
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04 Aug 2013, 08:16 AM
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You'll find plenty of British authors if you poke around these forums Smile
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05 Aug 2013, 12:31 AM
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Tricky... I'm lucky enough to have a couple of Kindles, a Nook and a Kobo and they all have different pros and cons. For the price you can't go wrong with the Nook - I've found it to be a great piece of hardware, not quite up to the standard of the top of the range Kindle or Kobo, but then its only about a quarter of the price.

Frankly the Amazon book store is much, much better than that of either the Nook or Kobo in terms of information provided, reviews and ratings. Prices are all over the place - of the trilogy I'm reading at the moment two volumes are more expensive on Nook than Amazon and the third is much cheaper! The Amazon store does have a slightly wider range too - though I haven't found the Nook store to be particularly restricting in choice of English authors - but that may be genre specific.

One advantage of the Amazon store is that they have a "Daily Deal" of, typically, three full-price books reduced to around a pound each. They are often the first books in a series trying to entice you in, but I've picked up plenty of bargains by checking the relevant page daily. On the other hand there are more third-party sources of EPUB books for the Nook and Kobo than there are third-party sources of Kindle format books. For example, a rather specific use, but a lot of documentation for the software I work with can be downloaded as EPUB books, but it is almost never available in Kindle format.

One, often missed, advantage of the Kindle is that you can email your Kindle documents and they are delivered by wireless to the device. There are browser tools that integrate with this service to grab the content of a Web page and send it to your Kindle, and the service also has conversion capabilities, so you can send it a PDF file, for example, and it will be reformatted into a native Kindle book before delivery by Amazon. As far as I know (please prove me wrong anyone!) there is nothing like this available for the Nook or Kobo. I use this a lot, but it may not be relevant to a lot of people.


I just went through all the authors I've read in the last 18 months on Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Dead Tree and Audible and only one wasn't listed in the Nook store - and he is Icelandic. So it may be coverage varies depending on genre.
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07 Aug 2013, 11:34 PM
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If you're in the UK, I'd go either with Kobo or Kindle, since B&N and the Nook are still very US-centric. There is a Nook UK site, but it seems rather chaotic.

Amazon does have the best search engine and there are still some authors who are exclusive to Amazon, which is a point in favour of the Kindle. Meanwhile, I prefer Kobo's e-readers to the Kindle with regard to handling, etc...

Why don't you testdrive the various readers in the store to see which one you prefer? Kobo readers are available at W.H. Smith in the UK, the Kindle is tied to Waterstone's as far as I know and Nooks are sold at John Lewis. All of those stores should have displays where you can handle the reader and see which one you like best.

My books for the Nook
My books for Kobo
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11 Aug 2013, 10:03 AM
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i would say kobo to be honest i have a kobo touch and love it

Anyone know the way to readers anonymous...
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