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Free for Kobo and Nook: The Great Scottish Land Grab Book 1

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15 Oct 2016, 03:03 PM
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If you're interested in politics, Occupy Wall Street or We are the One Percent then this might be for you.

The Great Scottish Land Grab tells the story of the struggle to right a centuries old injustice in Scotland - the Highland Clearances. Written in the lead up to a referendum on Scottish independence it imagined a different future, one where the people took control of parliament and forced through greater democracy.

Written as a trilogy, Book 1 is available for free on both Kobo and Nook:

Kobo: The Great Scottish Land Grab Book 1

Nook: The Great Scottish Land Grab Book 1

It would be wonderful to hear what you think of the story. Reviews, recommendations and ratings would be appreciated.

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