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how to do a full Operating System backup of SSD

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20 Jul 2016, 11:01 AM
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Hi guys,
I will post this question in different forums as im not sure if this one is going to get any answers...

I am trying to perform a complete backup of all of the partitions my kobo uses to run on the SSD card.

Reason, I am a paraglider pilot and intend to install XCSoar on it and a backup must be performed first.

I run windows 10 on my desktop pc and windows doesnt see all of the bootable partitions on the kobo.

I have used other programs that are able to view all of the partitions (eg partition magic and/or Western Digitals version of Acronis), however when i use the cloned SSD card in the kobo it will not turn on.

Couple of things i should also mention
1. I still have the original 2GB SSD functioning perfectly (this is a trial run to ensure my backup is going to work if i stuff the install of XC Soar rendering the kobo unusuable
2. The original SSD was a 2GB one and the new card 8GB (both are Sandisk cards)

any help on what i am doing wrong?
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