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Problems after Windows 10

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20 Mar 2016, 04:14 PM
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Hello - from Somerset.

I would be so grateful if anyone could help. This is my problem -

Kobo Aura H20 and Adobe Digital Editions would communicate before Windows 10 update.
Process -

(a) Download EPUB from my library
(b) Go into ADE 4.5 and would see the Book was there and being downloaded
© Plug in Kobo and in ADE will see KOBO connected and then I would drag and drop Book onto KOBO icon.
(d) On KOBO - would see new book in Library.

Now - prior to Win 10 I did notice some of the books did not show a cover - just black oblong.

Installed Windows 10

(e) Message when doing © it gives a message ADE computer not authorise. I have un-authorised and re-authorised and still no better.
(f) I have also got a message saying not allowed to download. So I tried another book from my library. Just in case I was trying to download a 'faulty' book.

When I unplug KOBO - I click on 'Black' oblong for a book and it gives a Window on the KOBO - Another message can say something like -

'Woops' Protected by DRM not currently authorised for use with your ADOBE ID.

That is why I 'unauthorised' and started again.

Note: In the ADE 'window' I can see all the book if I wanted to read it on my laptop. It just will not transfer then onto the KOBO

Do you think there is something to do with the Windows 10 update?
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