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Free - "2022" Dystopian Eco-Fiction Novel - cakroesr - 17 Dec 2015 06:52 PM


First of all thank-you for checking out this thread !

I am a new Canadian Indie author and have just made the first novel, "2022" in my Percipience series Permafree ! It is available in most book purchasing sites (including Kobo and B&N).

Shelf Unbound Magazine just put this book on the 2015 Notable Indie list !

The first book in the Percipience series 2022, revolves around a world-wide threat made by an eco-terrorist organization and the efforts to stop them while at the same time setting up a large scale experiment for sustainable living. The book combines murder, espionage, romance and revenge into the fictional story while exploring the urgency of global issues we face in real life.

This book, along with the others in the Percipience series are not just meant to entertain and to raise awareness of important issues. They also aim to act as a catalyst to get the reader to think and motivate them to take individual actions to help with these worldwide problems.

From the back cover of 2022…

Using an uncanny ability to harvest information to predict the future, philanthropist Richard foresees a dark future for the human race. This future is exacerbated by the return of cold-war-like tensions, sophisticated terrorist organizations, and new controls on information flow.

He believes he knows what needs to be done to reverse the trend, but can it be achieved in time, even with the resources at his disposal? Should he turn to terrorism to make it work? And if he’s wrong, and his plan backfires, will it mean the end of most, or all, of the human race?

More info can be found at my website

[Image: 2192idf.jpg]