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Gecko Covers - frogplate - 16 Jan 2013 01:22 AM

Does anyone have any experience of eReader covers from Gecko Covers? They are in the Netherlands but ship to the whole of Europe and do a number of nice looking eReader cases. I'm particularly interested in getting a sleeve for my Kobo Mini and theirs is the only decent-looking example I've found so far.

RE: Gecko Covers - Lou - 16 Jan 2013 04:14 PM

Can't say I've come across them before. I am guessing that the manufacturers are playing catch-up and that there will be a ton of Kobo Mini cases eventually.

RE: Gecko Covers - frogplate - 03 Feb 2013 05:26 PM

I visited a larger W.H.Smith's today and found they had some neoprene Kobo Mini slip-cases which were exactly what I was looking for. A bit expensive at £14, and it has a plush interior - not the 'pluch' interior advertised! But seems to be good quality, is well padded and fits the Kobo Mini well.