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Contagion *SPECIAL PRICE* - Horrified Press - 31 Mar 2014 10:28 PM

Only £1.19 for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!


When world-renowned doctor Quentin Forsythe goes missing after traveling to a decimated colony in the heart of south Africa, a team of doctors must find a way to save one of their own when a sinister new virus is unleashed, transforming the colonists into something unspeakable. Doctors Judas Sturgis and Katy Madison embark into the colony to find their missing colleague, Dr. Quentin Forsythe, who supposedly has found a cure. They will witness the horrifying wake of this unstoppable virus. It's a race against the clock when the U.S. Military led by Capt. Nathaniel Logan arrives - on orders to quarantine the whole area. A fractured rebel army arrives with their own dark agenda, and Dr. Sturgis starts to unravel from the seams. Can Katy Madison and Capt. Logan hold everything together and find a way to save the colony, or risk becoming her next victims?

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