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Latest review for Missing in Egypt - rchapman1 - 04 Dec 2018 01:25 AM

I have received the following review for Missing in Egypt from Diabolic Shrimp. Never heard of Diabolic Shrimp? Or the Shrimp Tank? You can learn more at

It was also posted on Amazon.

Rating: 4 Shrimps!
When a man goes missing, an adventure is born. Rita Lee Chapman’s Missing in Egypt is both smart and engrossing. It’s a classic mystery to its core with an air of Indiana Jones. Great for any Agatha Christie lovers out there!

Missing in Egypt
Book 1 in the Anna Davies Mystery Series

Missing in Egypt will intrigue you with its twists and turns, romance and adventure as well as its insights into Australian and Egyptian cultures. Australian Anna Davies travels to Egypt with her lover to help him search for his brother, who disappeared whilst on holiday. The Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel and the Temple of Karnak are amongst the settings for their search. Will they be able to track him down and find him alive - or is Ramy already dead? What tragedies await Anna and Kareem as they come closer to retracing his footsteps? This fast-paced action plot will keep you guessing until the end.


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