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The Viking's Apprentice for $0.99 - Kevin McLeod - 11 Apr 2013 07:31 PM

Hi everyone,

My book The Viking' Apprentice is on sale on Kobo. For a limited time only it is 99cents in both USA and Canada and only £1.99 in the UK. It is also on sale across the world on Kobo.

Purchase The Viking's Apprentice click the link.

Already on sale on Amazon it has attracted 7 reviews all of which are 5 stars. This link will take you to the customer reviews Amazon customer reviews

The book is for older children, YA and adults.

Here is the blurb Smile

What happens in Campbell's Cove, must remain in Campbell's Cove.

Campbell's Cove is a town steeped in a rich history of dragons, witches and brave warriors. History tells of one Viking warrior who rose above them all to claim the ultimate prize. Hundreds of years later strange things start happening in the town. Could the Viking stories be true? Has the evil returned? Who can protect the people?

When school friends Peter and George take their summer holiday with Peter's Granddad it turns into an adventure that they will never forget. Peter must face a future he could never have dreamed of and learn of a past that has been kept secret for hundreds of years. A fight for friendship and survival and a struggle against an ancient evil that takes them into the Caves of Campbell's Cove and beyond.

Take advantage of this limited offer for Kobo users only buy The Viking's Apprentice cheaper than anywhere else. Click the link to go to the Kobo page.

thanks everyone, you can email me on or @bannon1975 on twitter