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Nobooko is an online community for like-minded Kobo and Nook owners and a place to discuss and share hints and tips about the eReaders as well as discuss reading, eBooks and writing. As well as the community forum we also have a very useful resource for discovering and downloading eBooks which have been released for free including bestselling titles and new releases. Everyone is welcome to join the community, so please do sign up for a free account and start sharing the Kobo and Nook love.

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The Lost Valentine (Carol Karuso Mystery Trilogy, #3)

16 June 2020 18:25 (GMT)

The Lost Valentine, final book in the Carol Karuso Mystery Trilogy is now available for pre-order at the folowing sites. Publication date is 9/30/2020.

[Image: The-Lost-Valentine---with-watermarked-logo.jpg]


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Why people get attracted towards romance novels

30 April 2020 21:35 (GMT)

There are all sorts of people with all sorts of different tastes and preferences when it comes to novels and books. Now, even though people have different tastes and like different genres but I have noticed something that there is a very big market for people who love reading romantic stories. Knowing this I hired a professional romance novel ghostwriter and produced a romantic novel and it sold out very quickly. I realized that romantic novels trigger a person’s emotions in such a way that they somehow satisfy a craving people have for love. Do you agree with my opinion?

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theKoboNotes.com - a new website for your Kobo's highlights and annotations

26 September 2019 20:59 (GMT)

Have you ever felt the pain of wanting to export your Kobo's notes and not being able to? I just developed an app (https://www.thekobonotes.com) where you can easily export your Kobo's highlights and annotations and they will be stored. Then you can read them anytime, anywhere and from any device.

I hope you enjoy this app. If you have any question, please ask me Smile

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Switch Off Completely?

24 September 2019 21:03 (GMT)

Is it possible to completely switch off the Nook Simple Touch Glowlight? It always seems to be on standby. I've tried pressing the button in for 20 seconds at a time etc but nothing really happens.

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Nook Simple Touch Glowlight

24 September 2019 20:54 (GMT)

I've been on the internet for hours tonight with my Nook trying (unsucessfully) to download books from kobo rakuten using ADE.
I have had to give up as I'm getting nowhere. I got the book onto the Nook itself multiple times but it wouldn't open and displayed error message "Sorry, cannot open this book". I read advice about renaming the file etc to no avail. So now I just want to chuck the Nook in the bucket. The only reason I'm not is because my Daughter bought it for me years ago so it has sentimental value.
I keep thinking I may be able to figure things out since B&N then Sainsbury's left us in the lurch but I give up.
Has any face multiple issues like myself? Has most people binned their Nooks?

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Nook Uk

09 June 2019 22:08 (GMT)

I've just found my Nook in a drawer and I'm looking into using it again. I'm currently using Audible.
Are our Nooks basically worthless now that B and N and Sainsbury's decided not to support them now? I know that Kobo is on board but I'm just wondering if dusting the Nook off is more trouble than it's worth?

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